Secrets To Be Better At Forex Trading

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Learn To Fail Faster, Fail Better This post was long overdue as my friend Vincent at HMS (Health Money Success) had this post in similar content posted this way back in September 15. So here is my dues. As funny as it sound all successful traders like Tom Basso in Market Wizards failed … [Read more...]

Personal Development for Rookie Traders

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Developing Strategies for the Mind, Method And Money My blog is about developing tactics and cheat sheets in the discipline of forex trading. I'm a big fan of Dr Alexander Elder books like "Come into my Trading Room" and hence that is where the 3Ms come from. Also I read from somewhere that … [Read more...]

Having Knowledge Doesn’t Equate Success

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I've been trading for over 7 years. In 2013. I made 100%. In January 2014, I made 80%. Then finally in the first week of February 2014. I blew one account and flush 2 more trying to keep the same alive. I know everything that is know about trading forex. However nothing comes close to being … [Read more...]

Forex Trading Habits – How It Determine Quality In Life

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If you are are here because of a Forex Trading Habits Series I am writing, I applauded your faith. If you are here from Google mind if you share this on facebook? Ok back to topic. What Is Quality Of Life? I'm trying to understand the connection between trading and habits and here I am, just … [Read more...]

Forex Trading Habits – How It Helps Profitability

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During the course of my journey as both an aspiring blogger and forex trader I have the privileged of having the time to ponder and doing what I love. And that is doing nothing while gazing my eyes at the sky and letting time past by. Neither did I know this is bad for my future so I thought I round … [Read more...]

Forex Success Formula – Success Is A Continuos Journey

forex success formula

To achieve Forex success, the formula is a passion for trading. Passion for work and a continuous aim for improvement on existing ideas or ideas which you could have come across. Normally on Monday, I would post a quote related to trading psychology. But today I came across a recommended path … [Read more...]

Review Of 2013 Moving Forward 2014

2013 is ending in just a few days time and it’s time of the year where I would really sit down in front of my computer and reflect upon the year. What I have achieved in 2013. 1. Able to achieve 100% on a 3 figure account. What I would like to achieve in 2014. 1. Able to achieve 100% on … [Read more...]

A Quick And Dirty Way To Change


Finally something to call my own. But seriously it is what needed to alter the course of your life. If everyday you felt dishearten or depress. Or felt like you or your trading going down the drain. Change your focus. Focus on the reason to keep going, I believe the rest can be ignored. For over … [Read more...]

Market Edge – How Much You Know?

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Those who have a market edge are the one who is going to be profitable consistently. In the world of forex, many players take up position as guerillas, scalpers and position traders however the really hard boiled of the lot are day traders but regardless what role you contribute in the forex … [Read more...]

Currency Trading For Dummies – Price Movement In Major Pair

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In this article, I would like to introduce to you the basic of currency trading for dummies. What makes it run and what makes it an interesting market? The currency pairs particularly the major ones. These are the main part on why Forex market is working. Traders watch their pairs of US Dollar or … [Read more...]