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I recently made 100% over the course of a year in 2013, with a small account as shown here. And with my new found knowledge I manage to make over 50% in the course of a month in January 2014. You can view it here. And then the worst happened.

I blew my standard account wide open. Which is here.

It was a sad day.

I didn’t realise the implication when I move over to standard account. The margin of error was so narrow. 2 things happen that made the blow out.

#1. I didn’t take my profits when the market gives me so.

#2. I didn’t wait for price to confirm my bias with a break of the resistance when it should.


Having knowledge alone is not enough. You might have the perfect textbook setup. But knowing how to use it and when to use it requires a touch of wisdom. Something I hope time will help.

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