Fear Of Loss – How To Master


There comes a time when a forex trader suddenly lose the urge to trade. Maybe because of his past experience with losses. Maybe because of an emotional roadblock. Or maybe he / she is just lazy. I recently chance upon this book, Conversation with Forex Market Masters (not affiliate link) And in … [Read more...]

How To Achieve Success

achieving success

I recently made 100% over the course of a year in 2013, with a small account as shown here. And with my new found knowledge I manage to make over 50% in the course of a month in January 2014. You can view it here. And then the worst happened. I blew my standard account wide open. Which is … [Read more...]

Having Knowledge Doesn’t Equate Success

understanding how to use it

I've been trading for over 7 years. In 2013. I made 100%. In January 2014, I made 80%. Then finally in the first week of February 2014. I blew one account and flush 2 more trying to keep the same alive. I know everything that is know about trading forex. However nothing comes close to being … [Read more...]