8 Tips for Mastering The Art Of Price Action

mastering art price action

A lot has changed in the world of Forex trading. Yet certain fundamental principles remain unchanged. A good example is the reversal candlestick pattern like the shooting star. It no longer works in a trending market but it is still essential when it comes to market sentiment. Beyond … [Read more...]

Trading Forex Price Action Only – 10 Reasons Why It Is Awesome

trading forex price action only

Trust me. I've been there. I spent the six years the wrong way to learn forex trading. Spending countless hours sitting at the table. Watching price tick up and down for as long as 7 hours straight. Yes with no rest only a 10 second break for water and toilet. Suffering? Unfortunately core to the … [Read more...]

7 Things That Forex Price Action Traders Should Have In the To Don’t List

forex price action

As a forex price action trader, your job is to make money by ensuring that your rules are followed. Regulations are adhered and routines are constantly executed. But does it make you wonder what if you get things done in a faster way by eliminating those that wasn't productive at all. Afterall … [Read more...]

Make Money Online Trading Forex

Make Money Online Trading Forex

Why did I Trade Forex as A Medium to Make Money Online There are many medium available to make money offline and online to fulfill my [dreams]. So why did I choose forex as a medium to trade? This is where this post comes in. I thought I write out this to show that I am genuiuely trying to make … [Read more...]

Forex Price Action Trading – What Is it?

forex price action trading

What Is Forex? The foreign exchange also known as forex is a decentralized market where a country's currency is compare to another country's currency. It is said on a daily basis, the transacted amount could rise as much as $3.98 trillion (taken from wiki). Wouldn't you like to have a part even … [Read more...]

7 Absolute Facts About Price You’ll Regret If You Missed

facts about price

Many seasoned traders would tell you that price is manipulative and controlled. Yet time and time again, retail traders are being brainwashed to believe that the forex market can't be handled. It has a daily transaction rate of 30 trillion, hence through sheer volume alone it can't be influenced by … [Read more...]