8 Tips for Mastering The Art Of Price Action

mastering art price action

A lot has changed in the world of Forex trading. Yet certain fundamental principles remain unchanged. A good example is the reversal candlestick pattern like the shooting star. It no longer works in a trending market but it is still essential when it comes to market sentiment. Beyond … [Read more...]

How To Quickly And Easily Identify Trend Reversal in Forex

How To Identify Trend Reversal in Forex

Struggling to spot trend and identify trend reversal? Discover How To Quickly And Easily Spot Trend In Forex When I first started trading. I’m thrilled because I am building a dream. A dream to quit my offline business and venture into an online trading lifestyle. A lifestyle that allows me to … [Read more...]

How To Best Draw Support And Resistance Levels Like A Professional

support and resistance forex

What Are Support and Resistance Levels in Forex Most beginners focus on getting support and resistance levels drawn. While the professionals identify them as zones. A 2 part area where the market could cross the levels but not exceed them. Support and resistance levels are not grounded. They … [Read more...]

7 Surefire Signs That You’ll Never Be Successful Trading Forex


Get this: only 6 percent of people who attempt to become professional traders actually succeed, and yet more than 50 percent are right on the money most of the time. These are some pretty staggering numbers if you really think about it. It shows just how far fetch trading for a living is … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Start Day Trading


Every profession has its requirements and that a person should possess to earn his name, fame, and money from that occupation. If you want to become a Doctor you need sincerity. For a lawyer, you need to have the ability to question others. For an engineer needs to know the “why” of … [Read more...]

Trading Forex Price Action Only – 10 Reasons Why It Is Awesome

trading forex price action only

Trust me. I've been there. I spent the six years the wrong way to learn forex trading. Spending countless hours sitting at the table. Watching price tick up and down for as long as 7 hours straight. Yes with no rest only a 10 second break for water and toilet. Suffering? Unfortunately core to the … [Read more...]

Fear Of Loss – How To Master


There comes a time when a forex trader suddenly lose the urge to trade. Maybe because of his past experience with losses. Maybe because of an emotional roadblock. Or maybe he / she is just lazy. I recently chance upon this book, Conversation with Forex Market Masters (not affiliate link) And in … [Read more...]

7 Things That Forex Price Action Traders Should Have In the To Don’t List

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As a forex price action trader, your job is to make money by ensuring that your rules are followed. Regulations are adhered and routines are constantly executed. But does it make you wonder what if you get things done in a faster way by eliminating those that wasn't productive at all. Afterall … [Read more...]

How To Learn Better


Teach Others So That You May Understand Many bloggers started blogging because of the need to understand new knowledge found in order to make a path out of it. Most bloggers in the forex niche started by capturing a need for capitilism. Incidentally this blog was started because I needed to fund … [Read more...]

How To Achieve Success

achieving success

I recently made 100% over the course of a year in 2013, with a small account as shown here. And with my new found knowledge I manage to make over 50% in the course of a month in January 2014. You can view it here. And then the worst happened. I blew my standard account wide open. Which is … [Read more...]